Where No doctor

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Digital book that works in the browser.

A web application that works also offline.So you can bring it with you in the jungle or up the mountains as part of your safety package. Load the website and save it on your phone desktop, that’s all you need to do, no app-store involved!

This project is based on open source bestseller Where There Is No Doctor by David Werner.

Check the live webapp.

The “No Doctor” website serves as a comprehensive guide for village health workers and individuals without immediate access to medical care.

It provides a wealth of information on recognizing and addressing various health needs using local resources.

The content spans from home remedies and the identification of common illnesses to the sensible use of medicines and the importance of nutrition.

Moreover, it emphasizes preventive measures, cleanliness, and basic first aid, aiming to empower communities with knowledge and tools for better health outcomes.

This resource underlines the balance between traditional and modern medicine practices, fostering a self-reliant approach to health care.