Freezer Project

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1995>2000. 5 years. 27 free issues.

Freezer Magazine, Rokma’s brainchild, came as a striking lightning over a stagnant industry.

It created its own distribution.

The player voice showing what’s up in the streets and parties.

Shortly, low fidelity newsstand media were left with few readers.

We retired FREEZER, sipping on fresh coconuts, no straw needed, the 31st December 2000. Freezer has probably peaked the free-press era, and the adv-sustained, triangular cashflow biz model printed-media has since faded away in the internet times.

In 2023 there is still no magazine in Italy with a significant advertiser list like freezer’s one: Nike, Swatch, Sprite, Benetton, Diesel, v2 Records, Polygram, Burton, Quiksilver, Billabong, Freshjive, Carhartt, Arnette, O’Neil, Mambo, Oakley, Luxottica, Cat, Etnies, L’Oreal, Vans, DCshoes, Gravis, Dickies, Meltin Pot, Bastard, Fornarina…

”Freezer Magazine” emerged as a freepress initiative leaving a lasting mark on Italy’s cultural landscape. Championing the ethos that ideas gain power when their time arrives, as Victor Hugo articulated, it aimed to feed a nostalgic craving for celebrating past narratives that astonished the world.

The magazine functioned as a vessel for thought-provoking content, spanning a diverse array of subjects, including lifestyle, art, and perhaps societal commentary.

Through its pages, “Freezer Magazine” not only reflected on historical moments but also ignited discussions, enriching the Italian scene with a blend of reflection, innovation, and cultural appreciation.